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Electronic Crane Scale - B Type

ANTI-MOTION function: 6 level selectable. The weaker ANTI-MOTION is, the faster weight reading displays,but the longer it takes to settle the weight reading.


accuracy class eqv to OIML
tare range 100%F. S.
zero range 4%F.S.
safe overload gt125%F.S.
ultimate overload gt400%FS.
overload alarm 100%F.S. +9e
battery 6V/10Ah rechargeable
lead acid battery
battery life 100h
temperature range -10C-40C
adapter 9V/1500mA
remote controlling distance 10m
ITEM NO. 01911 01912 01913 01914 01915 01916
Capacity (t) 1 2 3 5 10 15
A 75 76 75 85 94 128
Dimensions B 95 95 95 115 145 178
(mm) C 38 38 38 48 60 75
L 475 475 475 594 770 860
N.W. kg 12 12 13 20 47 64

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